Your Potential is Your Truth

You’re living a lie if you’re living in a way that doesn’t align with your ideal or your potential – being mediocre, being lazy, quitting, being soft.

Potential = Truth

Truth isn’t just a matter of not lying. You can not be lying and still be living a farce of life.

You can be telling the truth with your words, but being deceitful with your actions, and that would be categorized as living in a way that degrades or betrays your potential.

For now, let us call your potential whatever it is you are aiming at.

Since we don’t know what our potential is or how great we can truly be, let us use our gut as our guiding light.

What behavior betrays your ideal, goal, dream?

Your Potential is Your Truth - greek motivation

In pursuit of greatness the most successful people act in a way that aligns with what they want and who they want to become.

They live a truthful life in that sense.

Their actions align with their ideals. Thats living true.

The rest, the mediocre majority who are plagued by cynicism, depression, envy, lust, hate act in a way that betrays who they truly want to be and consciously or not they know they are cheating themselves.

They aren’t living as they can or should, and they feel that deep in their souls.

They lack confidence because of this deceit. They lack pride in their work, happiness, and meaning.

Your Potential is Your Truth - greek motivation

They blame external forces for their lack of happiness, never coming to grips with the fact that their lives are simply out of line and it is THEIR responsibility to change that.

The task is simple:

Be truthful to yourself, don’t let yourself down. Be truthful about what you want in life.

Be truthful about the amount of work and discipline it will take to get it.

Be truthful about how you are behaving and if you’re really living up to your potential – if your behavior actually aligns with your goals, dreams, potential.


Great Men Simply Do As They Planned