The Daily Battle is More Enjoyable Than the Final Victory

We lose ourselves in the destination. We think that the end is everything.

We loft our hopes and dreams in something that the future holds, but it’s futile.

The thing, the end, it never comes.

We need achievement. We need to win.

We need the feedback of failure and victory.

The destination never comes, there is only the struggle.

Today has to be won and it has to be better than yesterday, and tomorrow has to be better than today.

It is never ending and lifelong. You win one day – creating a successful business, achieving a long desired goal, and now the task is improving on those wins.

You now have to get better, replicating and compounding that success along the way.

Life truly is about the journey, and in that journey, the daily struggle.

Keep getting better.

Continue a struggle worthy of your talents and your ambitions.


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