You Were Born For a Reason

(This is an excerpt by @Catholicdaredevil on Instagram)

Many in this modern world have a delusion of wishing to be born in the past, even if it was only 50 years ago.

There’s been a rise of people who have consumed the blackpill to the extent that they want to reject the world and hate God for being born in this timeline. They desire to be sent back in time, born in another generation where it wasn’t as hellish or depressing as it is now.

Places like the Crusades, the Roman Empire, the Viking era, etc. are what many desire, because that’s where they feel they should have been born in. That their mindset, values, beliefs, and the fact that they admire those eras of history are where they think God should have put them.

While it is understandable to not want to be living in this current world with all of the evil surrounding us, it is time that we grow up.

The dice has been casted and there’s no way you can revert the results.

God has created us in his image in this world and timeline for a purpose. What that purpose may be is up to us to figure out. Follow the path God has put you on and stick out.

Being depressed and imagining yourself in a different timeline is a waste of time and energy. It’ll lead to the sin of sloth.

Rather than hating the world you are in and wishing to not be in it, use that anger and desire to lead a crusade in the name of God against the evil that consumes it.

Strengthen your mind, body, soul, and faith to fight back.

Edmund Burke once said:

“The necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.

– Edmund Burke

To dwell in something we have no control over is letting that evil win.

Accept God’s plan in the world and embrace it. Reject that blackpill.

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