Ryan Reynolds says Crypto is a “Huge Player” in the World

The cryptocurrency ecosystem has witnessed massive growth and increasing mainstream adoption with the influx of celebrities, athletes, and several influential figures in the past year.

Previously, the blockchain-powered ecosystem and its innovations were reserved for tech enthusiasts, but the narrative is changing.

In a recent interview, Hollywood entertainer and MNTN Chief creative officer Ryan Reynolds, while speaking with Bloomberg Markets Emily Chang, expressed his thoughts on cryptocurrency and its broadening mainstream adoption.

When asked if he owns cryptocurrency, he declined to say but expressed the significance of such conversations and appraised how crypto companies are doing an impressive job in addressing the misconceptions accrued to digital currency, thereby making it increasingly safer for use by the public.

In his words:

I do see value in the conversation that we are having right now. I think companies are doing a good job of bringing it into a sort of safer, more mainstream light.

He acknowledged the reservation of the public to cryptocurrency but announced that he believes ‘it is no doubt emerging as a huge player in the financial industry.

I mean 90% of the word crypto is crypt, so you know I see why certain folks might be put off or intimidated by it. But I think it’s emerging as a huge player. I mean, it’s been emerging for a long time. It’s a huge player, so I’m not surprised.

As cryptocurrency popularity rises, the number of public figures to back it, or at least understand it continues to grow by the day.

A couple examples include New York Mayor Eric Adams receiving his paycheck in Bitcoin as well Green Bay Packers Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers who announced that he would be receiving a portion of his salary in Bitcoin.

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