Announces Partnership with Formula 1 in Miami

The Miami Grand Prix has announced its nine-year partnership with The race will be titled the ‘Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix’ and is expected to run yearly.

This high profile event allows to solidify its status as a partner of Formula 1, and the race will be added to the prestigious Formula 1 event calendar.

Here’s everything you need to know about the and Formula 1 partnership.

What is the partnership? 

This is the first commercial partnership of the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix, and is a huge deal for both South Florida Motorsports and

As aforementioned, the CEO of has provided some insight into the future of the partnership, with the goal of creating interactive, exhilarating Web 3 racing experiences for users. 

This partnership also includes a hospitality area, which will be known as the Terrace. Fans can enjoy food and drink surrounded by 360* views of the track. There will also be a Fan Zone, which will host entertainment during the event. Announces Partnership with Formula 1 in Miami

The collaboration establishes within the world of the Autodrome. Their name will be included in official merchandising and advertising as well as in signage for the event. 

The race takes place on May 5-6th 2022, and is the first time that the Autodrome will host a world championship. 

What is is one of the world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency platforms. Offering more than 150 cryptocurrencies to users, the platform boasts over 10 million monthly users and has truly established itself as an industry-leader within the cryptocurrency space. was founded in 2016. Co-founder and CEO Kris Marszalek has expressed his excitement at being one of the first major partners of the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix, stating

Technology and innovation are at the core of what we do, which strategically aligns with the sport of racing, and together we will create exciting experiences at the intersection of Web3 and F1 Racing. Announces Partnership with Formula 1 in Miami

What does the partnership mean for investors?

This partnership highlights’s future aspirations, especially in regards to the Web 3 space. hopes to pioneer Web 3 and help cryptocurrency become the basis for Web 3.

Deciding to seek a partnership with the Miami Grand Prix highlights’s ambitions of Web 3, especially in the case of offering interactive experiences.

Investors who are looking to get in early with Web 3 should pay attention to this partnership and the next moves makes. As a key player in the world of Web 3 development,’s strategy coincides with what they want to achieve with Web 3.

This deal is just one of the many recent major moves that the company has made with others including: has perhaps been the most aggressive in their marketing compared to other large firms and for now it seems to be paying off.

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