NFL Selling Limited NFTs For Super Bowl 56

With the Super Bowl between the Bengals and Rams just 2 weeks away, the NFL decided to issue 250 limited edition NFTs as part of this year’s marketing strategy and take advantage of the NFT explosion.

Most are already aware of the massive success that the NBA had throughout 2021 with their NFT marketplace NBA Topshot where a recent Lebron James NFT sold for $387,600 while sources say the NBA top shot market cap already passed $1 billion.

The NFL however, is just now breaking into the NFT game with the launch of their “Road to the Super Bowl” commemorative tickets.

NFL Selling Limited NFTs For Super Bowl 56
NFL Selling Limited NFTs For Super Bowl 56

Bengals NFTs are currently selling for $249 while Rams are going for $2,088.

There are only 125 virtual tickets per team, however there are many more options when it comes to previous playoff games and even regular season matchups.

It doesn’t yet seem as though there is a massive demand for these tickets since they still haven’t sold out. Perhaps by including special spectator privileges, fans would be more interested.

Future NFTs

Other than this limited collection, many of the league’s teams already announced or expressed their desire to make all season-ticket holder passes NFTs to cash in on free marketing as well as future royalties.

This is just yet another positive piece of news for the NFT as the world slowly starts to adopt this new technology more and more each day, but only time will tell if it’s here to stay or rather just a passing fad.

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