Mandala Exchange Officially Lists Safemoon

Just a few hours ago the Mandala Exchange officially announced on Twitter that they have just listed Safemoon V2 on their platform.

This of course massive news for all Safemoon holders as this is the largest exchange listing to date.

Because Mandala is powered by the Binance Cloud most tokens that get listed on Mandala get listed on the Binance exchange shortly after.

Safemoon holders know exactly how important a Binance listing would be for price growth and adoption of the coin as Binance is currently the #1 crypto exchange in the world in terms of volume.

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The development team over at Safemoon has been working hard to help exchanges figure out their tokenomics as Safemoon still implements a 10% fee for each sale (5% is burned, and 5% is distributed among active holders).

The launch of the Safemoon wallet app not long ago, also likely contributed heavily to this listing and as the Safemoon Exchange is almost completed we can likely expect more big-name listings this year.

Although sentiment on Safemoon is split they do have one of the most passionate and active communities on social media, as well as support from some pretty big names.

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Safemoon V2 is currently $0.0016 and of course has plans to eliminate another zero before their 1 year anniversary in March.