2022 Crypto Market Sentiment and Ownership

As crypto became the hot, new trend over the past year or two it is no surprise that about 68% of crypto holders in the US only started investing in the last 12 months.

While Eastern European countries such as Ukraine and Russia are still leading the world in highest percentage of total crypto holders per population, the United States is making up ground fast.

  • Ukraine: 12.73%
  • Russia: 11.91%
  • United States: 8.31%

Below we have provided some quick stats on US crypto ownership, total amount invested, and sentiment, based on a January 13th report from Huobi.

2022 Crypto Market Fast Facts

As you can see from the photo above, over 89% of crypto holders in the US did not own any crypto before 2 years ago, which goes to show that although crypto recently had a huge bull run we are still very early overall.

The start of the pandemic in 2020, constant stimulus packages, and fear of inflation have been the leading factors contributing to such an explosion of adoption.

As inflation continues to worsen we can likely expect even more growth in 2022.

2022 Crypto Market Fast Facts

When asked how much new investors have already contributed to their crypto portfolios, it turns out that a combined 71% have allocated $10k or less, while almost half have only dabbled with less than $1k.

For new investors these numbers are nothing out of the ordinary and amount of total investment will likely increase as the overall crypto market recovers.

2022 Crypto Market Fast Facts

The most surprising response here to note is that almost a quarter of new investors actually want more regulation, which is exactly what crypto is trying to avoid.

42% believe that it is too risky to invest more right now after the recent bull run ended and Bitcoin is down about 30% from it’s all time high just 50 days ago.

While 34% would love to invest more but unfortunately just don’t have the extra available capital at the moment.

As experienced investors know, new investors want a sale after a long bull run, but once the price drops they now become scared it will go lower.

The 2022 crypto market is sure to have some interesting news and we can’t wait to see what happens.