4 Biggest Tech IPO’s in 2022

Although many argue that the transition from growth/tech stocks into value stocks will continue for the best part of this year, not everyone believes that sentiment.

Right now is a great time to grab up some discounted shares of giants like Apple, Meta, and Microsoft, but if you’re still looking for something with even more potential growth than this article is for you.

The following 4 companies will be debuting their IPO’s in the next few months and some of them already have crazy valuations.

1. Stripe

One of the largest competitors to PayPal, payment processor Stripe was reported to be speaking with investment banks in September of last year with plans on a. 2022 IPO.

While both companies specialize in online payment processing, PayPal is better suited for small or new businesses, while Stripe is a better fit for larger companies, as it provides more options for payment customization.

When Stripe hits the market it will likely be one of the largest IPO’s of 2022 for any sector.

2. Reddit

What once have might been an afterthought compared to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, Reddit has exploded in popularity over the last couple of years largely due to trading communities like Wall St. Bets and r/Cryptocurrency.

After a massive funding round in August Reddit is planning on entering the market with a $15 billion valuation.

They have already confidentially filed paperwork to go public but all details are not yet clear as the company doesn’t know exactly how much they are looking to raise.

3. Discord

Founded only 7 years ago as a platform for Gamers to communicate with each other, Discord is now an integral part of the NFT community as well as the absolutely staple for Twitch users.

Discord is said to have about 150 million current active users with a valuation of around $5 billion.

Although they have yet to make an official announcement on their IPO plans, investors are expecting something big after Discord ended acquisition talks with Microsoft in April of 2021.

4. Instacart

Just as 2021 was a punishing year for competitor Doordash, business exploded for Instacart even expanding into new areas rather than just home delivery.

The IPO was supposed to go public last year but their CEO Fidji Simo decided to wait so that they can get their advertising platform up and running.

Instacart is currently valued at $39 billion but some investors are worried if business will tank after the pandemic eventually slows down and home deliveries won’t be as necessary.