5 Reasons Why The Tesla Phone Will Kill the iPhone

Tesla phone features

Although the iPhone is perhaps a top 5 invention throughout all of human history, our desires for constant innovation and “cool new stuff” has led us to want more than just a super computer in our hands.

Apple and Samsung do their best by unveiling new hardware and software features each and every year, but the overall excitement from the community has mostly grown cold.

This is where the new Tesla Pi phone comes in.

Not only will the Tesla phone have everything that the iPhone does, but also an entirely new ecosystem of apps and features that are simply impossible for Apple to replicate.

The primary reason for this is because Elon Musk is integrating all of his companies (Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity, and Neuralink) into the new Pi phone.

Solar charging battery feature

5 Reasons Why The Tesla Phone Will Kill the iPhone

Using technology from Tesla and SolarCity the Pi Phone will be capable of charging entirely through the use of solar without needing a wired plugin.

No other phone currently has this capability and will be sure to one of the major advantages the Pi phone has over it’s competition.

5 Reasons Why The Tesla Phone Will Kill the iPhone

This one is a bit far away and perhaps the most interesting as Neuralink human trials will finally begin this year.

If you’re not already familiar with the project, Neuralink will be a chip that is implanted into the brain in order to solve health and mental problems, as well as increase brain efficiency.

Future users of the Neuralink will be able to control their Pi phones without even physically touching it.

Longest lasting battery on a smartphone

5 Reasons Why The Tesla Phone Will Kill the iPhone

Tesla cars currently have some of the longest driving ranges of any vehicle, gas or electric.

Using some of that technology the Pi phone will have insane battery life which is rumored to last a couple days without needing a charge.

As the internal battery is no doubt combined with the solar charging feature, it will truly take a lot of work to drain your battery to 0.

Complete control over your Tesla vehicle through the Pi phone

5 Reasons Why The Tesla Phone Will Kill the iPhone

Through Tesla’s 3rd party app on the iPhone you can already control a number of your car’s features through your phone, however total control is limited since it is merely an app on a different platform.

A few new features would include:

  • Steering wheel control
  • Theft protection from across the world
  • Tesla camera control from inside & outside the vehicle
  • Autopilot

5 Reasons Why The Tesla Phone Will Kill the iPhone

Starlink – Elon Musk’s project to create a completely global system of satellites that will give anyone the ability to have fast internet in literally any part of the world, will be baked into the model Pi phone.

Not only will you never lose internet connection, but the speed of downloads and uploads will be faster than anything we have seen before.

Another amazing feature to come from this integration is the fact that you will not even need a SIM card to operate. The Pi phone will be able to receive and send calls and messages from any point in the world.

Hypothetically, the people that move to Mars will also be able to communicate with people on Earth through Starlink on the Pi phone.

The Pi phone is not expected to be released until 2023 at the very earliest and perhaps even later than that. Musk has not specified a goal release date for the phone.