4 Real Ways To Earn FREE Crypto Online in 2022

Instead of looking for stock dividends many people have started turning to crypto for passive income because it doesn’t require such a big up-front investment and the chance for growth is much higher.

In the first couple years of it’s creation it was possible to collect free Bitcoins online by reading, writing, or even simply clicking a captcha button.

Unfortunately those days are gone, but luckily for us there are 4 new ways that you can earn a good amount of real crypto without any investment.

1. Coinbase Earn Program

4 Real Ways To Earn FREE Crypto Online in 2022

This is perhaps the best and most consistent way to earn free crypto with the added benefit of learning about cryptocurrency technology while you do it.

All you have to do to receive your free crypto is read and learn about individual crypto projects and you will earn anywhere from $3 to $10 in that specific crypto per article.

And its not just small, new projects either. Current offers include Polygon Matic, XLM Stellar, Basic Attention Token, DAI, and Maker, among others.

2. Start using a crypto credit card

4 Real Ways To Earn FREE Crypto Online in 2022

This is the easiest way to earn free crypto and probably even the most lucrative.

Simply by using a Crypto.com credit card you will given crypto rewards paid in CRO (Crypto.com token) which you can keep or transfer to a different crypto or cash.

Depending on how much you have staked in CRO you are eligible to more rewards based on each tier, but the good news is you can still earn 1% without staking anything.

3. Coinmarketcap Earn Program

4 Real Ways To Earn FREE Crypto Online in 2022

This program works in the exact same way as the Coinbase program above, however there are a lot more opportunities available as well as a wider range of coins to learn about.

Just as with the Coinbase you might be required to take a very short quiz at the end of the video or article to make sure you were paying attention.

Although these programs only offer around $5 on average per piece of content that could easily pay off if your coins begin to increase in price.

4. Use the Brave Browser

4 Real Ways To Earn FREE Crypto Online in 2022

Another way to earn free crypto without even trying is just to simply start using the Brave Browser instead of the browser you are using right now.

The browser will only show you up to 5 ads per hour and for each ad you will receive a certain amount of Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) which currently is worth $1.01 at the time of this writing.

As with all of these methods you’re not going to make a large sum of money up front, but the opportunity lies in the possibility that your new coins will rise in value.

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