Top 5 Metaverse Stocks in 2022

We don’t need to tell you anymore that the Metaverse or Web 3.0 is coming, as you’ve probably already heard about it everyday for the past 6 months.

When Facebook changed it’s name to Meta it opened a lot of eyes and showed the world that the Metaverse is coming fast and the big players are taking it seriously.

Because it is still extremely early this is the perfect time to start investing in Metaverse related stocks.

Everyone always wants to get in on the ground floor early to have the highest gains and the following stocks may just be what you’re looking for.

1 – Unity ($U)

Top 5 Metaverse Stocks in 2022

This company is quite interesting in what they do as they give the average person the ability to create a video game without having to know how to code or providing a lot of money up front.

Unity is already one of the largest game developers in the entire world and their programs have been used to create more than half of all mobile games.

They also just made a massive move in acquiring Weta Digital, which is a visual effects company that took part in movies like Avatar, Lord of the Rings, Black Widow, and more.

The most bullish indicator here is the fact that over 60% of all Virtual reality is powered by Unity.

Top 5 Metaverse Stocks in 2022
  • Price per share: $120.38
  • Last 6 months: +13.36%
  • Revenue growth +43% in 2020, +42% in 2019

2 – Matterport ($MTTR)

Top 5 Metaverse Stocks in 2022

Matterport technology is going to be extremely needed as the world continues to go digital. Their program scans and creates a digital copy of a real world place, building, or object.

Since the release of their mobile app (with the same purpose) in May 2020 they have expanded their consumer base 20x.

Matterport currently has mapped over 100x more than the rest of the market combined and they have an ongoing partnership with Facebook to develop AI systems for the digital and physical world.

Top 5 Metaverse Stocks in 2022
  • Price per share: $15.61
  • 1 year growth: $45.07

3 – Fastly ($FSLY)

Top 5 Metaverse Stocks in 2022

Fastly is what is called an edge computing company which is going to be extremely important for data transfer throughout the metaverse expansion.

Basically edge computing does some of the computing locally before sending the rest off to the cloud making things more efficient.

  • Price per share: $33.01
  • Market cap: $5 billion
  • Sales: $290 million
  • Net income: Negative

4 – Immersion ($IMMR)

Top 5 Metaverse Stocks in 2022

Immersion specializes in haptic feedback, which is the vibrations and sensory feedback you receive when using video game controllers or certain phones.

The more that Metaverse games progress the more real-world equipment we are going to use such as gloves, vests, and possibly even shoes. Haptic feedback is going to be utilized in each of these in order to make the games more fun.

  • Price per share: $5.33
  • 52 week high: $16.64

5 – Meta ETF ($META)

Top 5 Metaverse Stocks in 2022

This is perhaps the safest stock of any listed here purely since it is an ETF and that instantly limits a certain level of volatility.

Currently 41 metaverse companies are included in this ETF while Nvidia, Microsoft, Roblox, and Facebook are it’s biggest holdings.

  • Price per share: $14.13
  • 52 week high: $17.11

These are just 5 of the best stocks to start with if you’re trying to dip into the world of the metaverse and VR/AR.

With 4/5 of these under $100 it may not be a bad idea to get in now and see what kind of growth 2022 brings.