6 Ways to Find NFT’s Before Their Price Soars

In the first quarter of 2021 NFT sales topped $2 billion and just 6 months later that figure skyrocketed to over $10 billion.

If you are reading this article you’re likely aware of the massively successful NFT projects such as CryptoPunks, Bored Apes, Cryptokitties, and VeeFriends, but how do we find the next one before it pops?

  • Bored Apes which once cost less than 1 ETH now have a floor price of 78 ETH ($250,000 at time of writing).
  • CryptoPunks which once were FREE now have a floor price of 61 ETH ($195,000)

Most buyers might think it’s a game of luck or some sort of gambling, but there is actually a certain checklist of things to look for when trying to find the next golden goose.

1 – Use Rarity.tools to find upcoming NFT’s BEFORE they launch

6 Ways to Find NFT's Before Their Price Soars

Half of the hard work is just finding all of the NFTs you want to take a look at and research. Rarity has created this great page for us to see which projects are being released, which platform they are being created on, as well as all relevant links related to the projects.

Also included is floor price and time of launch, however this is just the beginning.

2 – Check Engagement of each project on Twitter and Discord

6 Ways to Find NFT's Before Their Price Soars

When researching a project’s brand presence on Twitter make sure to go deeper than purely just looking at the follower count as many people buy fake followers.

Check the number of likes, retweets, and comments on each post. Also, read through the comments to make sure they are not just spam or bot comments (same with retweets).

Manually visit the profiles that follow the NFT to make sure these are real people with passion for the project.

When it comes to Discord make sure that you can find founder/developer interaction throughout the community such as updates and Q&A’s.

3 – Research the website

Not only does the website look clean and professional, but is it error free and have correct spelling.

This may sound logical, but many of the rug-pull projects have horrible looking websites, because they are simply looking for a quick dollar.

4 – Who does the founding team consist of

6 Ways to Find NFT's Before Their Price Soars

If, on the website you do not see any information about the founders then you should immediately be a bit wary.

Sometimes founders will not provide their real names or pictures in order to avoid harassment, but it could also mean that they don’t have faith in their project.

If there is information about the founders, does it seem like they are capable of turning this project into something successful. Do their backgrounds reflect their goals?

5 – Is the art actually something that looks professional

In this case you can determine the level of art similar to that of any other form of art by asking such questions:

  • Is there anything unique about this art?
  • Do I personally enjoy the art?
  • Can this be easily replicated?

6 – What makes this project different? (Most important)

6 Ways to Find NFT's Before Their Price Soars

Is there a unique use case for this NFT project or is it simply just some generated image that anyone could have made?

  • Is this NFT a part of a game?
  • Do I get membership into a club or any other specific benefits by owning this NFT?
  • Can I make passive income through holding this NFT?

Not only can it have any of these use factors, but also what kind of quality. Is the game fun to play and will likely attract new players or is it just a game to sell more NFTs?

The more of these boxes the project can check off, the better. Of course, just because it has good marketing does not mean that it is going to be a hit as some of the recent others.