The 3 Most Expensive NFT’s Ever Sold

2021 was the year that NFT’s blew up as we saw piece after piece sell for hundreds of thousands or even millions.

The funny thing is most people still have no idea what an NFT is and even less people actually own one.

2022 looks like it is going to be another great year for NFT adoption and mainstream coverage, so in review let’s take a look at some of the most successful projects thus far.

3 – Cryptopunk #752 ($11 million)

The 3 Most Expensive NFT's Ever Sold

The current lowest priced CryptoPunk on the market is selling for $189,000 or 61 Ethereum, while the total volume of all time sales equates to 1.9 billion dollars.

Cryptopunks were released in 2017 and are one of the very first NFT projects. They are considered a blue chip in the NFT world.

2 – “Human One” ($29 million)

The 3 Most Expensive NFT's Ever Sold

“Human One” created by renowned NFT artist Beeple is a video NFT which shows a person walking through different environments and worlds, while the art is showcased in a metal box.

“The work — a kinetic video sculpture with a corresponding dynamic NFT — is designed to continuously display artwork that will evolve over time. Beeple will have remote access to the artwork and creative control over its content forever.”

1 – “The First 5000 Days” ($69 million)

The 3 Most Expensive NFT's Ever Sold

Not long before Beeple sold “Human One” he sold this collage of NFT’s through auction house Christies for a hefty $69 million.

Everydays: The First 5000 Days, is a collage of Winkelmann’s work starting at the beginning of the project, when he was posting somewhat crude sketches. It runs through years of evolving digital shapes and sceneries up through the beginning of this year, when he was posting extremely crude political illustrations.” – The Verge

From just two pieces of artwork Beeple has made about $98 million and become one of the most successful artists of all time in terms of sales.

Could he follow up with a third in 2022 or will a new king arise?