Tesla Releases New Electric “Cyberquad” ATV

By now we should all realize that Tesla is not just an electric car company, but instead a company that just always has something interesting up it’s sleeve.

Two years ago Tesla released the infamous futuristic-looking “Cybertruck’, while last year they even came out with their own brand of tequila which sold out almost immediately.

And we can’t forget the flamethrower that Elon Musk’s other company “The Boring Company” came up with as well.

Well, they have done it again just in time for Christmas with the new “Cyberquad” which is supposedly only for kids.

Tesla Releases New Electric "Cyberquad" ATV

The Cyberquad is fully charged in 5 hours and has a top speed of 10mph. The current price is $1,900 per vehicle and as of the time of this writing they are already out of stock.

For those who have already ordered, Tesla stated that due to supply chain issues and shipping delays they can not guarantee delivered orders by Christmas.

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