Bitcoin miners MARA and RIOT stocks explode over last couple days

Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. ($MARA) and Riot Blockchain Inc. ($RIOT) are the two largest Bitcoin mining companies currently listed on the NYSE and they also happen to be the fastest growing stocks over the past week, and especially the last couple of days.


Last Friday Nov. 5th MARA closes at a price of $63.84 per share and opens up on Monday Nov. 8th at $71.79 and ends up closing at $75.30 (+18%).

The fun didn’t stop there however, as pre-market currently shows MARA expected to open at $82.11. This will be an increase of over 30% in a matter of 2 trading days.

Earnings reports for MARA are also released tomorrow and they are sure to get another massive surge as Bitcoin has once again reach a new all-time high this morning at $68,530.


Following almost the exact same growth pattern as MARA, RIOT finished the day on Friday at a price of $31.49 per share, closed yesterday at $36.66 (+16.51%) and is currently sitting at $40.56 pre-market (+10.52%).

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During this time Bitcoin and Ethereum have continued to reach new all-time highs, which directly correlates to the price of both of these stocks.


  • BITCOIN: $63,283
  • ETHEREUM: $4,447


  • BITCOIN: $68,530 (+8.3%)
  • ETHEREUM: $4,837 (8.8%)

As crypto continues to rise so will MARA and RIOT. Without a strong pullback we could easily see MARA hit $100 and RIOT $60 per share by end of the year.

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