Ukraine now has the highest percentage of Crypto owners in the world

Although crypto trading giants such as Coinbase and are based in the United States, only 8.31% of the US population currently owns any form of cryptocurrency.

India has the most crypto holders in the world when it comes to unique users, with over 100m owners of crypto in the country. However, that is still only 7.30% of their total population.

And even Russia has a higher percentage than both of these countries, with 11.91% of Russians currently owning cryptocurrency.

But no country in the world has a higher percentage of their population owning cryptocurrency than Ukraine.

12.73% of the Ukrainian population currently holds cryptocurrency

Or 5,565,881 total individual holders.

As Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to reach all-time highs it would not be a surprise to see each of these countries jump up another 1-2% in crypto ownership in the next few months.